ecocenter remise amstetten

Remise Amstetten - built during the railway extension to the West - forms together with the adjunct water-tower a significant testimony of the technological progress during 19./20th century. Our design concentrates on the restructuring of this industrial hall to an atmospheric and innovative building for the creative industries of the 21st century using modern scientific achievements as usage of ground water for energy, photovoltaic elements, activation of concrete mass, slow air conditioning and natural cooling. Existing elements like bricks and wooden huge door elements from the industrial period as well as parts of the wooden roof are included in the Low-Tech design based on High-Tech scientology and research.

2021-2024, Amstetten, Austria.

1.Prize, 1-stage realization competition


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Multifunctional, innovative Low-Tec building for Gastro, School, Start-ups, Offices, Roof garden

ecoplus. NÖ Wirtschaftsagentur St. Pölten

Entwurf - HOLODECK architects
Projektteam - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Arber Koni, Sarah Gold, Elisa Cesarini, Angelika Krayer

BGF - 13.500 m2

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