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The new elementary school and new secondary school with day care is located in the development area Raffenstättergasse north of Hirschstettner Strasse and west of the Ostbahn tracks on Leopold-Kohr-Strasse. From here, delivery and access for all necessary driving services is provided. A public square connects the surrounding residential buildings with the new school location and, together with the school forecourt, forms a spacious recreation area in the west sun with shaded seating for children, families and senior citizens.

Groups of trees, green and paved areas divide the outside of the school building into a sports area, play and exercise zones as well as quiet places to read and relax. Together with the terraces and balconies in the building, these rooms offer different qualities of stay for students and teachers.

The shape and appearance of the building makes its function as a cluster school clearly visible. The ground floor is arranged according to the functional principle, while on the three upper floors the classrooms and team rooms are organised in a free, band-like movement around the multifunctional areas. In between are the supply cores and the two vertical connecting paths.

In the multifunctional area there are zones for theatre and role-playing, working and painting as well as quiet, protected places with a retreat character. Terraces and balconies with plant furniture complement the open space on the ground floor and are directly connected to it via green escape staircases.

2020, 1220 Vienna, Austria.


further information

school, gym, outdoor areas, bibliothek, cafeteria

City of Vienna

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Alessandro Zerbi, Kira Röblitz

structural engineer - ghp Gmeiner, Haferl +partner, Vienna

fire protection planning - Dipl-Ing. Erich Röhrer and Dipl.-Ing. Ianko Ivanov, Vienna

building systems planning - kwi, Vienna

modell making - archimodell, Vienna

BGF - 11.300 m²

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