Our focus on architecture

Holistic architecture

Architecture interlinks human being, space, technology and philosophy. Our architectural pursuit lies within the superposition of complexities. We generate buildings by means of programmatic reinterpretation, topographic continuity, urban context, sustainable building concept and differentiated spatial sequences.

Conceptual contextualism

Detailed information of the location in its context is gathered, usage patterns are analysed and intelligent technologies are researched to develop the contextual concept.

Otto Kapfinger (architecture theorist and publicist)
'For HOLODECK architects, the spacial loop is not only a formal pattern but rather a critical mass that emerges in their projects through the collection and superimposition of emprical data which provoke a shift that lead to a new quality, the loop of empiricism. Naturally, for this transformation of the concept - Bernard Tschumi called it 'transprogramming' - conventional analysis is not sufficient. It necessitates distinct methods in the research phase to break down monocausal argumentations and reveal hidden potentials of a situation. HOLODECK architectsnow show examples of how this new sensitivity can be fruitful even on the simplest occasions with the simplest materials and how it can point the way to new design approaches.


Elke Krasny (cultural theorist and urban researcher)
'The starting point for HOLODECK's work is the concept. Finding common ground in topographical surroundings and individual needs dermine their analytical process.'


Christine Müller (editor-in-chief and journalist)
'Marlies Breuss and Michael Ogertschnig are the two main actors of HOLODECK architects. The two use the term 'conceptual contextualism' to describe their constant intention to gently unravel space. Ultimately, they achieve this by disassembling all components into their individual parts and reassemble them meticulously into a new conclusive unity.'

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