campagne living

Enriched with generous green space, the Campagne grounds on the edge of the Reichenau residential area offer a distinctive urban planning scenario. The extensive open area in the northeast of the site creates a strong link between city and landscape. Following the principle of the English landscape garden, the freely usable green space extends from the district park to the residential area providing room for recreation and sufficient rainfall infiltration on site. Multifunctional spaces above the parking garage, like an arena for public discourse, are situated in the yard while being active on a broader scale, enriching the urban context. The courtyard on the ground floor serves for public use and acts as a connecting space between housing, the garage and  local amenities - as well as the neighbourhood square. Two adjacent common rooms offer a diverse set of usages and also encourage activities with inhabitants from neighbouring residential blocks. The more intimate, semi-public areas are located on the roof of the lower elements of each structural unit. Here, the resident community can indulge in cosy leisure time with urban gardening, board games and reading.
The visual impression of the buildings is defined by the combination of two typologically diverse types of housing and by the uniform, translucent design of the façades on the ground level. Balconies and loggias which are of different dimensions and offset to each other bring out the liveliness along the verticality of each structure.
The materiality of the façades is guided by the idea of long-term sustainability and the possibility of efficient replacement. The load-bearing skeleton structure provides parts of the buildings with flexibility in use which allows for easy repurposing in the future. The flat and elongated building parts which also accomodate the semi-public outdoor spaces for the residential community are planned with a cross-wall construction. The micro-climate is positely affected by the greening in the courtyard and additionally by the extensive greening on the roofs.



EU-wide open competition.

City of Innsbruck.

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Living, underground car park

Innsbrucker Immobilien GmbH & Co., KG

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig,Marc Busquets, Vedran Zonic, Alexander Garber, Klara Schön

BGF - 29.496 m2
BRI - 102.483 m2 


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