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The existing noise protection hall of the former air base Nitten is located in a dense forest area between Schwarzlsee and the airport of Graz. The existing structure with its technoid - industrial character is significantly preserved in its shape and structure and transformed into a multifunctional spatial network through targeted architectural interventions.

The spacious and multifunctional hall space is supplemented by a lounge standing freely in the room and workshop cubes inserted into the existing structure. Through the partial activation of the honeycomb side surfaces, additional usable space is generated, high flexibility of use for events and day-to-day operations is ensured and dialogue with the existing structure is initiated. The bridge along the glass façade serves as an integrative element and enables the circulating circulation between all units of use. The former exhaust air unit for engine testing (tube and chimney) functions as a new scenographic hotspot and image of the brand's history, including a 44-ton art object. In the exterior space, the positive and negative rooms of the terrace, the light cube and the 20 m openable glass front complete the new architectural overall picture.

8401 Karlsdorf bei Graz.

1st prize.
invited competition Customer Experience Center.

Mercedes G-Class GmbH / Daimler AG

Restructure testing ground for aircraft turbines.

further information

Event centre, training / conference. Exhibition, Driving Experience Course

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Marc Werner, Lars Oberländer


BGF - 1.619 m2, GFL - 1.098 m2  

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