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Formerly a turbine-testing facility located on an airfield, the existing building with its specific sound emission features will now serve as an exhibition area, the first-ever experience center for the Mercedes G class all-terrain vehicle. Preserving the character and structure of the old industrial hall with its huge entrance doors, the restructuring as an experience center uses simple architectural interventions. The vast sliding doors continue to flank the main entrance but are now immobilized, to preserve the indooroutdoor energy balance, and a glass partition inserted, the lower part of which can be opened and closed.

Inside, the vast space is kept as it was, adapted by the insertion of window embrasures in the 2.5-meter-thick metal walls and completed by additional spaces. A lounge stands inside like a display case, connected to the ground floor by just two supports, a staircase and an elevator that have been incorporated. Reception, workshop, and sales areas are located in between the metal panels of the outer walls. The western and eastern wings contain sanitary areas, the kitchen, and secondary rooms. A platform strip beside the entrance hovers above the main space, connecting the two wings and additional spaces.

The building’s thermal envelope is developed to be flexible. A coating protects the outer shell from solar radiation and prevents the inner spaces from overheating in summer. All glass elements are equipped with an anti-reflective filter to separate external from internal conditions.

8401 Karlsdorf bei Graz.

1st prize.
invited competition Customer Experience Center.

Mercedes G-Class GmbH / Daimler AG

Restructure testing ground for aircraft turbines.

further information

Event centre, training / conference. Exhibition, Driving Experience Course

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Marc Werner, Lars Oberländer


BGF - 1.619 m2, GFL - 1.098 m2  

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