breitensee studios

The 'breitensee studios' are a clear signal in public street space. The two-storey roof structure represents the sign of the further development from an existing industrial yard to a business location for creative offices and manufacturing industries. The attic construction is flowing over the Wilhelminian period building and creates with the contextual, compositional facade a pleasant working atmosphere inside the room. The rental units (offices and studios) extend over 2 floors with allocated open spaces.




Award GEBAUT 2013 Stadtgestaltung Wien 


2009-2014, 1140 Vienna.

1. Prize Invited general planning tender competition.
Wien Holding GmbH.
Offices. Studios.
General planning.
GFA 2.200 sqm.

further information

Urban development, business park, studios, new built

Wien Holding, Vienna, Austria

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Johannes Müller, Sven Klöcker, Jiri Huske, Kieu Giang Hoang

Building physics – VASKO+PARTNER, Vienna
Engineering – CD Consult, Vienna
Photography - Rita Newman, Wolfgang Thaler

Scope of work:
HOA/A, §3 (1)-(8)

Site 9.900 m2, GFA 2.200 m2

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