Three representative locations have been selected for the Europe/World research programme; the 'Kupferstich-Kabinett', the 'Sponselraum' and the 'Studiolo' are located far apart from each other in the 'Residenzschloss' in Dresden and differ in spatial proportions and research-related requirements. We develop the exhibition architecture for the presentation of ten research topics relating to the theme Europe/World in ten exhibition spaces based on the conceptual framework of research, context and dialogue. Research deals analytically investigates a particular subject area and enables a change in and broadening of perspective. As a reference to science, we refer to this substantial research activity with pictorial fragments of fonts relevant to the collection (Sanskrit, Persian, Japanses, Chinese). Context is created on the one hand by the place of collection in form of reception, restoration and presentation, and on the other hand by the country of origin through the process of manufacturing, as well as mysticism and meaning. Conceptually, the coating colour of the wall elements follows the characteristic, slate-grey hue of the landscape as a reference to Dresden's 'Residenzschloss. The countries of origin are highlighted through the content-providing text which appears in sandstone-red. This uniform colour concept puts the three scattered exhibition rooms in a similar, perceptible and recognisable context. The theme of dialogue is addressed in all three spaces by reflective elements as high as the ceiling and by people from the 'exotic world' appearing in them.


Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Klara Schön, Alexander Garber

Scope of work: 
HOA/A, §3 (1)-(8)

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