kulturzentrum mattersburg

The existing ensemble of buildings - comprised of a cultural center, the state archives and library, as well as the literature house, a primary school and gastronomy - is situated in a cascading and sensitive manner in a park-like landscape on the strongly inclined river bank of the Wulka, east of the aqueduct. The formal expression of the event hall through its exposed concrete elements has become particularly important in the formation of the local identity. The preservation of this identity and the coherent integration of the restructured cultural center have been guiding our urbanistic and architectural approach. Opposite to the existing building arises the flexible and subdivisible new event hall in a coloured exposed concrete cubature, embedded in the landscape with a warm hue. The foyer in between the existing brutalist building and the new concrete structure acts as a spatial joint creating a new whole.

Stock building (partially protected - restructuring and renovation), new building, public space design and outdoor facilities.

2016-2021, 7210 Mattersburg.

EU-wide, 2-stage general planning competition.
BELIG, Kulturzentren Burgenland.
Cultural center. state archives. state library. literature house. primary school. gastronomy.
General planning.
GFA 5.300 sqm.

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cultural center, event hall, state archives, state library, literature house, primary school, gastronomy, public space

BELIG Beteiligungs und Liegenschafts gmbH, Betreiber KBB Kultur-Betriebe Burgenland GmbH

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Johannes Müller, Alexander Garber, Richard Szilvassy, Marc Busquets, Marc Werner, Lars Oberländer

TWPL, BPH, BS – kppk, Vienna
Renderings – isochrom, Vienna
TGA – kwi, Vienna
Akustik – dr.pfeiler, Graz

Scope of work:
HOA/A, §3 (1)-(8)

5.300 m2