kulturzentrum mattersburg

The ensemble of buildings - comprising of Culture Center, State Archive, State Library, Literature House, Adult Education Center as well as a culinary Establishment - is sensitivly situated in a cascading, park-like landscape inclined towards the river bank of  Wulka and next to a steep Railway embankment. The creation of a generous Public Square for all users between Culture Center and Educational Institution enriches this specific location as much as the preservation of the sculptural fair-face concrete parts of the former event hall and northern buildings, which became identifying characteristics for the local people. The preservation of this identity, the insertion of a Public Square, the original orientation towards the high school, the direct connection with the renewed railway station and the coherent integration of the restructured areas into a vivid spatial overall composition are  our urbanistic and architectural approaches. Opposite to the existing, expressive building parts will be located the unpretentious, precisely embedded, new Event Hall with the State Archive and Library. The Foyer inbetween the existing Brutalist Period Building parts and the contemporary concrete structure acts as a spatial and functional joint designed in steel and glass. 

Existing  Building Parts Architect H. Graf - Brutalism Period (protected by preservation orders - preservation, restructuring and reconstruction ), New Structures, Public Square and Outdoor Facilities.

2016-2021, 7210 Mattersburg.

EU-wide, 2-stage general planning competition.
BELIG, Kulturzentren Burgenland.
Cultural center. state archives. state library. literature house. primary school. gastronomy.
General planning.
GFA 5.300 sqm.

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cultural center, event hall, state archives, state library, literature house, primary school, gastronomy, public space

BELIG Beteiligungs und Liegenschafts gmbH, Betreiber KBB Kultur-Betriebe Burgenland GmbH

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Marc Werner, Lars Oberländer, Iva Olujic, Marc Busquets, Johannes Müller, Alexander Garber, Richard Szilvassy, Mija Mikuz

TWPL, BPH, BS – kppk, Vienna
Renderings – isochrom, Vienna
TGA – kwi, Vienna
Akustik – dr.pfeiler, Graz

Scope of work:
HOA/A, §3 (1)-(8)

5.300 m2

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