strassenmeisterei stoob

The projected 'Strassenmeisterei Mittelburgenland' in Stoob is directly connected to two main regional roads inside a valley between two wooded hills. The 'Burgenland Strasse' on the east side provides access for all trucks and cars whereas bicycles and pedestrians can access from the west side over the walk and ride route between Stoob and Oberpullendorf.

 The ensemble consists of several single buildings grouped around a courtyard, which enables flexibility and best usage of space. Three windows included in the surrounding concrete facades connect the workers all day long with the nature around the building. Administration, central magazine and workshop are located in the main building  with direct access from the inner courtyard and the car parking area.

 All building elements are designed as skeleton construction with filling elements of insulated aluminium panels with sectional opening doors. Flexibility and prefabrication as well as safety and robustness are main parameters for the building structure, functionality and well-being for the working areas. Energy is generated by means of photovoltaic elements on the green roof of the administration, the central magazine and the workshop.

2019, Stoob, Austria.


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road maintenance, office, administration, workshop, vehicle fleet, petrol station & special areas

BELIG Beteiligungs und Liegenschafts GmbH, Betreiber KBB Kultur-Betriebe Burgenland GmbH

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Alessandro Zerbi, Mija Mikuz, Bernhard Hofinger, Kira Röblitz

BGF - 8.430,7 m²
operating area - 25.437 m²

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