schulcampus hollabrunn

The district capital Hollabrunn is located in the western Weinviertel. Due to the variety of different courses it develops over the decades to a school town for the entire surrounding area. The suitable area for the upcoming school expansion is located on the trade fair grounds near the city centre between the new secondary school, polytechnic, kindergarten, city hall and generous sports and leisure areas, like the municipal swimming pool.

On the site of the former state vocational school and directly adjacent to the new elementary school, general special school, gymnasium and music school, including break areas and open spaces, are located between Josef Weisleinstrasse and Göllersbach. The creation of a central square between Ausstellungsstrasse, Stadtsaal, Biotop and the new school campus and the traffic calming of Josef Weisleinstrasse we define as ordering urban development parameters.  

This central square serves as a recreation room for students and residents, as a festival area and event space for school performances, as a bus stop for the regional school buses and drop off zone for individual transport.

2019, Hollabrunn, Austria.


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schoolcampus, gym, outdoor areas, bibliothek, cafeteria

Stadtgemeinde Hollabrunn

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Alessandro Zerbi, Kira Röblitz, Batu Dündar

BGF - 10.015 m²

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