school expansion

The school complex at Ruckergasse containing a school centre, a kindergarten, a new secondary school and a special education school is projected to expand its grammar school by three theory classes, a canteen and s kitchen as well as service areas along with necessary side rooms.
The new wing fills the space with an offset to the existing facades of the historic Gründerzeit buildings and forms a contemporary contrast. The new emerging courtyard brings light to the entrance hall, the multifunctional zones, the existing gymnasiums, the caretaker apartment as well as the connecting hallways and serves as a comfortable place to linger.
The terrace, the pergola and the green areas on the roof represent further, diverse space to study or relax and for playgrounds inside the school complex.
The building is centrally accessed through the new entrance hall which acts as a distributor to the different functionalities and sectors inside the school.
The new building volume framed by the two masonry structures is conceptualised efficiently and sustainably as a reinforced concrete skeleton for future changes in use. The girders cantilevering inside the courtyard enable an independent facade design and a maximum space for the multifunctional zone. The low-energy building is tempered by underfloor heating and cooled by ventilation elements at night. Cross air ventilation from the courtyard to the street side also allow for an efficient and low-cost fresh air flow during the day.

2018, 1120 Vienna.

Open, one-stage competition for realisation.
MA 56 - Wiener Schulen, Municipality of Vienna.
Extension of a grammar school.
GFA 7.800 sqm.

further information

school extension, grammar school, gymnasium, canteen, kitchen, service space

MA 56 - Wiener Schulen, Municipality of Vienna

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Alessandro Zerbi, Amanda Riedel

GFA 7.800 m2


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