passing centuries

The protected historic city hall of Feldkirchen in Carinthia consists of the main building, oriented towards the main square, as well as two adjacent, multistory yard wings with different lengths. The errection of the main building can be dated back to the mid 15th century. Due to an in-depth analysis of the urban setting and the possibilities of usage and arrangement thereof in the existing structures, the yard wings are restructered to their historically protected parts and the attic is freed of existing installations for future use.
The deconstruction, freeing the historic building parts, and the addition of space-efficient, newly built areas allows for a reduction of the change in level on the side of the courtyard to a maximum of two stories. This garantuees on the one hand a better urban integration of the city hall ensemble and on the other a qualitive use on the ground floor of the yard-enclosing buildings.
The library to the south, designed as a flexible space with a forecourt, acts as an attractor in the direction of the neighbouring church and parking area.
The city hall complex evolves into a citizen-oriented service provider, which presents itself as place of communication with good accessability from the South as well as the North. The public, cascading path along the courtyard wings provides a clear orientation and also a protected area for reading or lingering.

2019, 85622 Feldkirchen.

Invited, one-stage competition for realisation.
Municipality of Feldkirchen.
City hall. Archive. Library.
GFA 2.700 sqm.

further information

Reconstruction and extension, library, archive, boardroom, office space

Municipality of Feldkirchen

Design - HOLODECK architects
Project team - Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Alessandro Zerbi, Yoana Dimitrova

GFA 2.700 m2

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