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folded music | vienna 03 | 2012 project

from an urban planingpoint of view the project uses the existing camus as the main point of reference, with its large landscaped public space in the centre and the adjacent square respectively elongated building shapes. the building's exact location is established by utilization of its references to the centrally located ample park and of its position between two two-story landmark buildings as well as by linking it spacially to the tongasse. the extensive area of the existing park connects visually to the spacious new ground floor zone and is extended into the building's interior by introducing green patios and common areas. Courtyards function as natural light sources for the two basement levels and enable the new building to respond to the scale of the low rise parts of the surrounding campus buildings. the facade design reacts to the building's acoustic requirements and hence transports the specifics of the interior spaces to the outside.

Further information

Brief Cultural building , media center for university, new built
Client BIG Bundes Immobilien Gesellschaft
Architecture Design       HOLODECK architects
  Project team

      Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, 
      Ahmed Ibrahimpasic, Karolina Wolny
      Pascal Tenczhert
Consultants Acoustics
      TAS, Leonding
      Gmeiner Haferl ZT GmbH, Vienna
Scope of work HOA/A §3 (1), (2)  
Dimension gross area 3.156 sqm