castle forchtenstein | forchtenstein | 2009 project

the castle's natural stone fortifications wall, the clearly legible architectural language of the 13th and 17th century as well as the hill formations of the surrounding landscape form the basic principles of the proposed architectural concept. the entrance building comprises of a cluster of elementary volumes that are placed into the gap between the historical stone wall with its 17th century gate and the moat. the design of the delicate framework covering the entrance area is based on the idea of translating the landscape into a folded roof structure that subsequently will be located between the separate architectural elements. the volume of the restaurant is gradually transformed from a space in between solid heavyweight stone walls to a fragile loosely arranged volume providing manifold connections to the outdoors.

Further information

Brief Cultural building , restaurant and entrancelobby, new built
Client FCP ZT GmbH
Architecture Design       HOLODECK architects
  Project team       Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, 
      Nana Schilling, Laura Reinartz
Scope of work HOA/A §3 (1), (2)  
Dimension gross area restaurant 877 sqm, lobby 301 sqm