wirtschaftspark/ businesspark breitensee pp1 | vienna 14 | 2007 - 2010 construction completed

the business park’s public spaces create a three-dimensional development of divergent exterior areas. the existing structures form the backdrop for the design of the new buildings, which preserve and continue the multifunctional character of the existing industrial buildings.

invited competition  1st prize
gebaut 2009 award ma 19 city design vienna
austrian clients award nomination

Further information

Brief Business lofts, Restrukturierung
Client Wien Holding, Vienna, Austria
Architecture Design        HOLODECK architects
  Project team 
       Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, 
       Robert Pippan 
Consultants Photography        Wolfgang Thaler
Scope of work  HOA/A §3 (1)-(8); Site supervision §4 total service planning
Dimension NNF 1065 sqm