baik architects & engineers | vienna 04 | 2004 competition 2. place

the existing space is reorganized for the expanding requirements of the resident office. adequate representation and cost efficiency are the determining design parameters. the different office areas that are reception, directors` offices, conference room and production area are organised as continous programmatic belt to suit any specific requirement.

invited competition  2nd prize

Further information

Brief  Interior design, office and reception
Client  Bundeskammer Architekten & Ingenieure Österreich (baik),Vienna, Austria
Architecture  Design HOLODECK architects
   Project team Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig,
Ana Curto, Franz Moser
Scope of work  HOA/B, §4 (1), (2), (4)  
Dimension  euro 240.000, gross area 350 sqm