austrian embassy bangkok | bangkok thailand | 2013-17 construction completed


An embassy building as a representative of one nation in another cultural area acts as an important social, cultural and technological link.

respecting characteristics of both countries lead to a symbiotic space. austrian achievements in the field of research, culture, technology and production intertwines with culture specific thai way of living and building traditions. The created ensemble of five functionally different buildings offers an inspiring atmosphere for environmental, traditional and technological exchange within contemporary architecture. Photovoltaik modules, optimized glass elements, low tech cooling system and construction details are technical innovations combined with local materials such as laterite, travertine and teak.

New Construction Embassy and Consulate Building
Federal Ministery for European and International Affairs

building permission  04.2014 

building construction  12.2015 - 08.2017

general planning and site supervision

2 level EU-wide
generalplaning tender competition

Further information

Program New Construction Embassy and Consulate
including Outdoor Facilities
Client BMeiA  Federal Ministery for European and International Affairs
Architecture Design  HOLODECK architects
  Project team
 Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig,
 Johannes Müller, Suchon Mallikamarl,
 Peter Hundt, Chloe Priou





Structural Engineer

Buildingphys.+ Simulation



gmeiner haferl

IPJ  p.Jung ingenieure, vienna

PGG m.russ,  PMSC bangko


Scope of Work HOA/A, §3 (1)-(9) general planning
Dimension 2.000m2    PV Roof 600m2